Ephemeral Habitats 2011

place: Arquería Nuevos Ministerios,Madrid.

date: from February 16 to May 27, 2011.

team: J.Guijarro, A.Martinez, M.Nuñez, D.Acosta, M.Nadal.

Description: An innovative exhibition, both in content and in form and strategy. It generated discussion, exchange andproposals on Ephemeral Habitats within the architectural context, social and political current.

As well as changes in the shape of the Sensitive Room, lighting, visual, acoustic, thermal and mechanical changes are also possible. The space is modified not only in terms of volume but also through the senses.

The Sensitive room is not a static space but changes over time. It reflects what is happening inside it. A witness in real time of the daily life within the space.
The walls of the Sensitive Room contain different visual, mobile and acoustic devices that modify depending on what occurs inside the room. Sensors capable of detecting and analysing noises, sounds, temperatures, mobile phone waves and the colour of people’s clothing record data in real time of what is happening inside the Room. These data are sent to a computer which, through a simple processing programme, interprets them and converts them into electrical impulses that start and regulate mechanisms that switch lights on and off, inflate balloons, make windmills turn or pour water.

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